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Non-Cash Charitable Donations - It's much easier to track donations as you go rather than trying to remember them at tax filing time. Here's a form to use to track your non-cash charitable donations. You could print this out and use it or use it as a template for your own spreadsheet.

Non-Cash Charitable Contribution Calculator - Use this worksheet to calculate the value of each non-cash charity donation you make. For example, if you have a bag of clothes for Goodwill, you can use this to determine the value of those items and then keep it for record-keeping.


Letter of Instruction Upon Death - Use this template to tell family and loved ones necessary and important information in more detail than in your Will.

What To Do When Someone Dies - Losing a loved one is always traumatic and emotional upsetting. At times like these it's hard to think objectively about what needs to done and that's where this checklist comes in. Please share it freely with any of your friends or family members experiencing a loss.

For Business

Sample Accountable Plan for Business Expense Reimbursement - This is a guide to a draft accountable plan for expense reimbursement. This will get you started but you will still need to consult your attorney.


Record Retention Guide - Not sure what records you need to keep for how long? This easy-to-follow guide will tell you. Have something you don't see on the guide? Call me!

Tax Filing

Tax Calendar - This is a listing of the key filing deadlines for federal and state of Colorado tax filings.